C-Cat 50

The C-Cat 50 was developed with a fast, comfortable and performing oceanic cruiser in mind. The project, which is still in its early stages, aims at becoming a reference point for all those catamaran lovers that would like to travel around the world safely and in comfort covering daily mile averages which would be impossible on a mono hull or on a heavy catamaran with just ample sails.
The project adopts the same concepts as the C-Cat 37 already under construction, (narrow hulls with a strong chine, trampoline high above the water). Thanks to the increased length, it will be easier to concentrate weight centrally and reduce pitching thus favouring increased comfort and speed.
It will be made entirely in composite and carbon fibre will be used in those areas undergoing more stress.
Sabre shaped keels and carbon fibre rudders are standard whilst a carbon fibre mast is an optional.
Below deck will be spacious, 2 to 4 cabins with 2/4 washrooms, which, as per C-Catamarans’ tradition, can be personalized.
The same concept as the C-Cat 37 for the continuity of the cockpit into the saloon made possible by the sliding doors, which extend across the entire beam, and the possibility to close the cockpit if required.





  • Lengh hull 15,10 m
  • Lenght overall 16,60 m
  • Beam 7,30 m
  • Freenord at bow 1,80 m
  • Displacement 9,80 t
  • Displacement CE 11,00 t
  • Displacement full load 15,00 t
  • Draft (bord down) 2,45 m
  • Draft (bord up) 0,90 m
  • Total height 23,40 m
  • Mast height 21,20 m


  • Engine 2×60 Cv
  • Water tank 2×300 L
  • Fuel tank 2×180 L


Sail Area

  • Mainsail 87,3 m²
  • Jib 130% 55 m²
  • Code zero 115 m²
  • Spi assy 160 m²



  • Cabins 2 + 1 ; 4
  • Berths 3+1 ; 4